Life is a marketplace of options, ideas, and services we sometimes struggle to navigate. What idea is worth "buying?" What idea is worth "selling?" Learn more to find out how Mattison Markets can help navigating your voyage through life's market of opportunities.

Financial Education Options

The Greatest Market Is Your Mind

Do you want to be a slave to money, or be the master? The debt you create can be an asset or liability; the choice is yours. 


Current podcast: First Time Home Buying & Selling. 

Coming soon: Better Than Money.


Coming soon; Checkout these fun online videos on financial & investment basics. 


Josh Mattison's current step by step, how-to guide will make home buying a breeze. Click book title below for the Amazon link to the first chapter.

First Time Home Buying Basics


About Josh Mattison


I have been a residential real estate broker in the state of Arizona since 2005.









I have helped 100's of buyers and sellers over the years through the sales process. I have also worked with many investors helping them flip homes, buy and sell rental properties, and develop vacant land. 


We can be a wage slave to bad debts and liabilities, or we can leverage good debt as an asset in our favor. Having basic financial intelligence is something everyone is capable of, whether you're good at math or not. Monetary policies and complex financial jargon can unnecessarily intimidate most people away from investing, just as real estate and loan jargon can confuse most buyers and sellers. That's why I created the First Time Home Buying and Selling podcast. I broke-down the common questions, and situations most buyers and sellers have,  In an easy to follow along and understand chronological format. I feel that if more people were given the chance to learn financial education, they would make better decisions with debt. In this monetary world we live in, we should all have the chance to get out of the wage slave hamster wheel of debt, to become the masters of money and our financial freedom.


How I Got Started.




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